Large Knitted Rug

Marian was commissioned to provide a knitted rug for Holt Harrison. It measures 8′ x 6′ and was knitted in a single piece using 14 strands of yarn on a single needle.  The locally sourced wool was from rare breed Blackfaced Welsh sheep.

It will be a very special piece to suit many interior styles.

Conservation statement and Historical Report

Marian has recently completed a Conservation Statement and Historical Report for this property in Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire. Dating from the mid 17th Century, this Grade II* Listed property has been extensively extended and modified since originally constructed. It is now due for further works but prior to this an extensive archive search has allowed the history of the building to be established.  This has helped to inform which features are original and which have been added at a later date.

Grade 2* Listed Building
Historic Building in Stinchcombe

A copy of the report is available here

Photovoltaic Roof Panels on Roof Structures

An alert was issued recently by CROSS (Confidential Reporting on Structural safety) regarding the fixing of photovoltaic cells onto existing roofs.

What can potentially happen?

The panels add weight to the roof which when added to snow and wind loading can bring the capacity of the roof to its capacity.

If the panels are not properly fixed, they can be blown off through wind suction loads.

Under snow loading, a sudden thaw on top of the smooth surface of the panel can lead to snow suddenly sliding off and causing injury to persons below.

What should you do?

The alterations to the roof form an alteration to the structure and needs to be assessed.

The effect of the additional weight and all of the fixings should be assessed by a suitably qualified person. This should be a Chartered Structural Engineer or in England and Wales this could also be somebody under a Competent Persons Scheme.

A full copy of the report is available here.