Definitions of Surveys

There are many different types of surveys and investigations for buildings and the Construction Industry Council (CIC) has produced a useful document defining the different types.  The term “structural survey” although widely used should be avoided as it is not well defined and can lead to confusion as to what is included or excluded.  A link to the document is included below.

Definitions of Surveys

Conservation statement and Historical Report

Marian has recently completed a Conservation Statement and Historical Report for this property in Stinchcombe, Gloucestershire. Dating from the mid 17th Century, this Grade II* Listed property has been extensively extended and modified since originally constructed. It is now due for further works but prior to this an extensive archive search has allowed the history of the building to be established.  This has helped to inform which features are original and which have been added at a later date.

Grade 2* Listed Building
Historic Building in Stinchcombe

A copy of the report is available here